Probiotic Water Purifier

Probiotic Water Purifier

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Cleans Public, Industrial Waste Water and Septic Tanks Without Chemicals

Probiotic Water Purifier significantly improves water quality; reduce pollutants, sludge, fat and oil to comply to the waste water limits; increase purity and visual appearance whilst protecting the health of plants and aquatic animals.

Use instead of chemicals to clean waster water. It’s highly effective and economic.

  • Eliminates organic waste in waste water
  • Reduce pollutants such as Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Reduce Chemical Oxygen Demand and Fat, oil and grease
  • Controls algae growth and toxic compounds
  • Prevents silt and sludge
  • Biologically improves water quality
  • Improves visual appearance
  • Increases operational efficiency of water treatment systems
  • Easy-to-use, powder formula

The active ingredient is ‘good’ bacteria (probiotics), naturally sourced from plants. These helpful probiotics clean water thoroughly at a microbial level. They work in a safe and mechanical action to restore a healthy microflora balance to the water.

They reduce infection risk by simply out-competing harmful bacteria for space and food.

They also clarify the water by consuming organic waste, sludge and mud, as a natural food source. This significantly decreases sludge height and floating organic material.

Slow-release diffusion provides a longer-lasting, preventative action.

Probiotic Water Purifier does not contain aggressive chemicals or pollutants. This is safer for the operative, and also protects local flora and fauna from potentially toxic compounds.

The natural, sustainable formula enriches rather than harms the environment and:

  • Protects and enhances the health of fish and other aquatic life.
  • Contributes to the mineralization of essential aquatic ecosystems.
  • Re-balances chemical values of nitrates, phosphates and oxygen in the water.
  • Prevents the uncontrolled growth of algae.


The treatment has two stages:

– Spread 100g of Water Purifier per m³ of water by hand to colonies the environment. Apply to the surface or the center of the aquatic environment, depending on the water volume being treated.
– Reapply 50g Water Purifier per m³ of water once every month.



  • Where do you send from?

We send from our storage center located in Frederikssund, Denmark

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If you order before 12 am, we will send on the same day (or the next business day). Normally delivery will take 1-3 days.

  • Am I insured if the order does not come?

YES! As soon as your package is sent, you will receive a tracking number for you to easily follow up with the delivery status. Should you not receive the package as expected, you will of course receive either the compensation or a new shipment.

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