About Provilan Nordic

Provilan Nordic is the leading probiotic product development and distribution company located in Denmark.

Our Product ranges are inspired of the knowledge on how beneficial the gut bacteria are in creating a balanced microflora for a healthier digestive system, immune system and thereby an optimal wellbeing for human and animals. 
The Provilan brand started in 2014 and have been funded by the Government as an innovative biotech research unit. Products are developed in the House of Bio-Health. The different product series addresses different challenges in current markets.
We offer healthy cleaning and care products enriched with beneficial bacteria (probiotics). These probiotics creates unique value to improve the quality and effectiveness of the products.
The main advantage of our cleaning and pet care products are based on the philosophy of 'biological competition over disinfection'.
Biologcal competetion vs disinfection


In contrast to the conventional disinfection method, our products utilize the ability of active microorganisms to perform 'biological competition' against the harmful bacteria (pathogens). When products are applied, millions of probiotics colonize the surfaces and regions, and fence off the harmful bacteria by simply outcompete for food sources and space. Our cleaning subjects are commonly organic waste, debris, dirt, etc. which are the excellent food source for probiotics. These probiotics will continue to consume until they run out of food, meaning the cleaning result are long lasting. Competition for access to nutrients will favor the majority and least nutrient-demanding bacteria. Eventually the beneficial bacteria will dominate and naturalize the space to a balanced healthy microflora, eradicating the harmful bacteria and preventing them to return. While the harmful bacteria are the root cause of bad smell, allergy, irritation, infections, etc., elimination of the cause will get rid of the effect. 

The process above is illustrated in the video. 

Provilan is currently in 20 countries globally, with more than 1500 busines customers. Many customer has switched to Provilan products for cleaning and pet care because the positive results and reviews from different trades. Our customers are convinced of the immediate and long-term benefits of the using our products with active probiotics, without harmful artificial ingredients to the health and environment.