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    Allergies have become so prevalent over the past 50 years that they are now the fourth most chronic disease worldwide. If you suffer from hay fever, ‘Allergy Season’ probably means ‘pollen season’. In contrast, dust mite allergy is a problem all year around. Our probiotic cleaners are targeting at two main types of allergens: airborne and chemical. We reduces allergy triggers in your home environment, whilst increasing resilience to external influences. Our solutions are enriched with beneficial 'good' bacteria (probiotics). These helpful probiotics safely and thoroughly clean your home environment at a microbial level, without chemicals. They consume bio-allergens and inhibit harmful bacteria, whilst restoring healthy ecological balance.

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    Probiotics relief allergy syptoms

    Provilan Air Optimizer/ Allergens free products are able to reduce 57,9% of allergens after 1 hour, and the process can continue to up to 70% after several hours

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