About the probiotics in our products

Probiotics are live microorganisms that exert positive effects on health.

Probiotic bacteria are microscopic living things that are invisible to the naked eye. They are very intelligent beings who know perfectly well how to work
together to survive. Besides, their goal is to survive as long as possible. To survive, bacteria need a healthy environment, ie heat, humidity and food.

- They eliminate organic matter (sources of nutrients)

- They multiple if the environment is favorable and occupy the space

- They create protective microflora

- They remain for long time, thus prolong the cleaning results

Provilan products
contain 10,000,000 cfu /ml.

Concentrated Provilan products contain 100,000,000 cfu /ml.

We estimate 72 hours in a favorable environment. It is difficult to define a lifespan of probiotics on a surface. Indeed, the bacteria's activity time will depend on several external factors and the environment in which they find themselves.

The spores are not UV sensitive. However, cells in the vegetative phase do. There is therefore little risk that viability will be affected by UV.

Product quality and guarantee

Yes! We are patent on the stablization process, and can surely guarantee living probiotics in the bottle.

Yes! Our products contain probiotics that have been checked and verified:

- absense of toxigenic activity

- do not contain clinically relevant anitimicrobial resistance genes

- authorized by European Food Safety Autority

In addition to these bacteria, we use mild surfactants checked by approved certification. Our solutions are studied and tested by our partner laboratories.

The added value of our products lies in the addition of live bacteria, probiotics. Our modern
biotechnology is based on microbiology (the science of microorganisms). The company undertakes a daily work of Research and Development. The objective is to study effective microorganisms in the field of cleaning and care. These are
carefully selected by an in-house team of experienced researchers in order to develop new bacterial cocktails.

There are well-defined protocols for testing the effectiveness of solutions.

The effectiveness has been tested according to Ecolabel standards. Ready-to-use cleaners have been tested using ASTM standards.

Synthetic odor tests have also proven the effectiveness of our Odor Remover as well as biomass alone.

Provilan Nordic products have several certifications:

- EU Ecolabel

- GreenSeal

- Peta Cruelty Free & Vegan

- SDKs
(Sustainable Consumption and Climate Protection)

- Indoor Air Safety: A+

Usage, Service and Delivery

We send products within 24 hours after order confirmation.

The Provilan brand are now present in about 15 countries in Europe. Germany, England, and Benlux are some of our primary markets.

Provilan Nordic is based in Denmark and our products are available for all Nordic countires.

No specific cleaning protocol, just use as a classic cleaning.

In order to keep the effectiveness of the probiotics, we recommend not to use our products on the same surfaces/area at the same time with other disinfectants or antibiotics.

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