LUCAA+ Eye Care

LUCAA+ Eye Care

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  • Reduces irritation & allergic reactions
  • Reduces 'tear stain' discoloration
  • Fast and easy cleansing around the eyes
  • Keep the eyes' surroundings clean
  • No harsh chemicals or toxins
  • Apply with a soft cloth or cotton swab

Eye problems and pets

If the eye appears to be irritated, it may be due to dirt. Often moisture will run out of the eye when reacting to dirt or a corrosive substance in the eye. It is important to have the moisture removed as soon as possible. For some breeds with bulging eyes and flat snouts, such as Pekingese, Boston Terrier, Pug and Maltese breeds, the excessive eye moisture are often a problem. They are more susceptible to developing eye conditions. If their skin folds touch the inner corner of their eyes this can lead to watery eyes and pigment disposition in the cornea, which reduces visibility.

Reduces Inflammation, Infections and Allergies

LUCAA+ Pet Eye Care improves eye cleanliness and comfort and reduces the risk of common conditions such as conjunctivitis. It also prevents discoloration under the eyes caused by 'tear stains'. The spray is enriched with beneficial 'good' probiotic bacteria, naturally sourced from plants. These helpful probiotics restore healthy microbial balance to the skin around the eyes and eyelids, keeping them hydrated and healthy. They inhibit harmful bacteria and minimize allergic reactions to bio-allergens including pollen and mite wastes. They remove organic waste, dust and dirt, which improves comfort, whilst reducing infection, itching and inflammation.

LUCAA+ Pet Eye Care works in a safe, mechanical way that reduces antimicrobial resistance and can help reduce antibiotic use.

Improves Eye Comfort, Hydration and Health

If a hard crust forms in the corner of the eye or eyelid, use LUCAA+ Pet Eye Care to soften the area first. This allows the crust to be gently removed without distress. Yorkshire Terriers are at particular risk of this problem.

Removing excess tears daily reduces inflammation and infection of the skin fold. If irritation continues, seek veterinary assistance to reduce the fold.

Bacterial protection

Our laboratory tests confirm that the live microorganisms contained in LUCAA+ Eye Treatment remove 99% of the bacteria on mucous membranes and around the eyes within 22 hours, without the bacteria being able to build up resistance. Each additional application will provide additional protection against bacterial recolonization. The risk of inflammation is thereby greatly reduced.


Wear gloves and use clean materials. Clean eyes with damp swab of warm water. Shake before use. Soak a cotton ball or tissue with LUCAA+ Pet Eye Care and gently dab on the eyelids. Use a different tissue for each eye to reduce cross infection. Repeat frequently to prevent recurring inflammation. Always consult a vet if in doubt or symptoms persist.


  • Water
  • Microorganisms
  • pH stabilizer
  • Where do you send from?

We send from our storage center located in Frederikssund, Denmark

  • How long does it take to deliver?

If you order before 12 am, we will send on the same day (or the next business day). Normally delivery will take 1-3 days.

  • Am I insured if the order does not come?

YES! As soon as your package is sent, you will receive a tracking number for you to easily follow up with the delivery status. Should you not receive the package as expected, you will of course receive either the compensation or a new shipment.

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