Probiotic Bacteria Have a Positive Effect Against Pathogens

Plant-based probiotic ‘good’ bacteria eliminated 100% of pathogenic E. coli bacteria and 99% of MRSA

Bacterial interests in cleaning

Deep dive into the priciple of 'Biological competition' is superior than 'Traditional disinfection'

Probiotics helps with allergy relief

Provilan EVAA+ and DENAA+ Air Optimizer are able to reduce 43% of allergens after 1 hour, and the process can continue to up to 70% after several hours

Effectiveness of the Provilan products against bad smell

Research shows that the healthy microorganisms in the Provilan products consumes the organic matters that are responsible for the bad smell

Natural effective care for livestocks

Probiotics heal 15 cm wound on a cow farm without use of antibiotics. Shortened the healing time from 14 to 8 days

Provilan Nordic Knowledge Center

Research and Development is Provilan's Core Competence

Provilan products are developed in collaboration with the universities, laboratories,  health authorities and scientific professionals. Our products are patented and scientifically proven, All products are effective and sustainably developed, with repeated control, tests and reviews.

Scientifically Driven, Sustainable Business

We have applied our scientific core competence into different commercial areas and practices. We have received positive feedbacks from professionals who have made case studies of our products. Many of them have grown to be our brand ambassadors. Provilan's products are always in the forefront of development - we keep an close eye on the worlds most pressing challenges, and aspires to be a part of the solutions, as well as stay relevant to the market. 

Enzymatic Activity of PBGL(Provilan) probiotic cocktails

Probiotic cleaners are sustainable detergents enriched with “good” bacteria. A probiotic bacterium, like any living cell, produces diverse enzymes. These catalysts are the key players in breaking down organic dirt into smaller molecules which will be used afterwards by the producer itself and other bacteria on the surface to grow

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Probiotics for natural cleanning products

Probiotic Group Luxembourg (PBGL, Provilan), Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), and the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) from the University of Luxembourg collaborate to create the next generation of natural cleaning products

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Functional meta-omics provide critical insights into long- and short-read assemblies

A reference-independent solution, which exploits the synergistic effects of multi-omic data integration for the in situ study of microbiomes using long-read sequencing data

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Difference between enzymatic and microbiological cleaning

Deep dive into the difference between the two types of cleaning, and the advantages of probiotic cleaning

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How to control stability of our products

Provilan products are patent on the probiotics' stability. Read our viability test of products containing living probiotics

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Difference Spores vs. lyophilization vs. encapsulation

Study on what impact on the stability and activity of the probiotics

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Dermatological test for Evaa+ moisturing hand soap

The dermatological controlled test shows that our handsoap is skin compatible and non-irritating after application on adults

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Customer interview

People are now consciously looking for probiotic products. It is important that not only medical personnel, but also patients understand why good germs - probiotics - are so valuable for our health. (please note that the interview is conducted and transcribed in German)

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European Journal of Dentistry

The chemical disinfectants are known to cause serious health problems. A study demonstrated that the use of probiotic cleaning is effective in replacing chemical disinfectants and reducing microbial growth in dental settings

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