Probiotic Hydrocarbon Reducer

Probiotic Hydrocarbon Reducer

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Safely Cleans Petroleum and Hydrocarbon Contamination

Probiotic Hydrocarbon Reducer safely cleans environments contaminated by petroleum or carbon-containing products.

Use instead of harmful chemicals for natural and effective remediation:

  • Water decontamination (lakes, ponds, groundwaters).
  • Soil decontamination of environmental pollutants.
  • Subsurface decontamination.
  • Industrial pollution (PAH). e.g., fuel oil spillages on concrete surfaces at petrol stations.
  • Hydrocarbon separators.

The highly concentrated powder formula is an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for cleaning large areas.

This natural hydrocarbon reducer does not introduce harmful secondary pollutants. It is far safer than chemicals for operatives, the environment and local flora and fauna.

Turns Toxic Pollutants into Harmless Substances

The active ingredient is ‘good’ (non-pathogenic, probiotic) bacteria, naturally sourced from plants. These helpful probiotics firstly break down the long-chain hydrocarbon molecules using the process of oxidation.

Enzymes transform the hydrocarbons into constituent parts – alcohol and carboxylic acid – and acetyl-CoA then enters the Krebs cycle.  In this way, hydrocarbon degradation provides a source of energy for probiotic bacteria.

Probiotic Hydrocarbon Reducer reduces the volume of sludge waste from wastewater treatment plants. This significantly reduces transportation and incineration requirements and costs, as well as carbon footprint. In addition, the sludge can then safely be used as agricultural fertiliser, which benefits the environment.


Apply powder directly to the contamination and allow to work.

NB: the Hydrocarbon Reducer works best when specifically dosed for the environment you are treating. Please contact our specialist for advice if unsure of dosage to use. 

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We send from our storage center located in Frederikssund, Denmark

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If you order before 12 am, we will send on the same day (or the next business day). Normally delivery will take 1-3 days.

  • Am I insured if the order does not come?

YES! As soon as your package is sent, you will receive a tracking number for you to easily follow up with the delivery status. Should you not receive the package as expected, you will of course receive either the compensation or a new shipment.

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