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Probiotics are the future of cleaning, and the present of care by mother nature

Eco-responsible, natural biological solution for your optimal care and sustainable hygiene

Good bacteria is known to be beneficial to the digestive system. Here we have taken a step further and developed probiotic solutions for clean and pet care. Our products are scientifically tested and adopt a leading technology to stablize the active good bacteria in the bottle for guarenteed results.

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Probiotic benifits

Our products are healthier and safer for you and the environment. They are free of toxins, hormone disruptors, or artificial additives.

They are innovative cleaning - Our probiotics work for up to several days by forming a protective layer on surfaces. Cleaning is efficient with long-lasting results.

We are sustainable production, all in recycled and recyclable bottles. We stand by a natural ecological balance and the circular economy.

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Sustainable Pioneer

Provilan Nordic represents all Nordic countries and we take pride in our root, our environmental awareness, and green-minded decision making in our everyday life.

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A biotech vision becomes reality

Our Provilan products are from Probiotic Group, the leading organization for active probiotics development and production