Dog and vet

Less Antibiotics for Wound Healing

a forward thinking vet used wound care spray to heal many infected dogs and cats

Veterinarians recommend our LUCAA+ pet ranges

A 4- weeks veterinarian test shows good results fo our pet shampoo
Probiotic ear care picture

Probiotic ear care heals after antibiotics worsen the symptoms

Probiotic use in cow stable

Natural effective livestock care

Probiotics heal 15 cm wound on a cow farm without use of antibiotics. Shortened the healing time from 14 to 8 days
Dental care study

Dental care spray lower the risk of inflammation and periodontal disease

Significantly reduced gum inflammation, yellow coating, and bad mouth odor in 3 weeks

    Natural Probiotic Pet Care & Hygiene

    Our probiotic products reduce the pathogens and promote a healthy external microbiome instead of destroying it by chemicals. They can help your pets prevent infection and allergy, expedite healing process, reduce odor - all by using the nature's own power. Our products are vouched by world's renowned pet nutritionist such as Dr. Conor Brady and Dr. Judy Morgan.
    Our customers say:
    ''Kaos (2 y.o) had issues with recurring ear infections for several months. I had to clean his ears every day because there was a lot of dark ear wax. I bought the  Probiotic ear spray on February 3, 2023. I used it 3-4 times a week for about 14 days and his ears have been perfectly fine since then. Now the skin and ear canals are pale and normal in color and there is rarely any wax in the ears. I spray him maybe once a month/every two months for maintenance.''

    Provilan Nordic Probiotic Ear Care Before & After

    ''After using the Dental spray for a few days, the plaque/tartar was easy to remove by just scraping my nail over it, which was not possible before. Very good on a 9 year old dog.''
    Provilan Nordic Probiotic Dental Care Before & After
    ''My dog accidently jumped over a barbed wire fencing (pigtråd) and made a deep cut on one of the paws. The wound is so bad that even the vet said there was no way to get healed. I was recommended by a friend to try out the Probiotic Wound Care. I started using it to spray and clean the wounded area. After 10 days I could already see a big improvement. After 20 days there is very little cut left and he can walk normally without hurting anymore.''
    provilan nordic probiotic wound care before & after
    About Ll. Haspeholm: Martin Klonaris started Ll. Haspeholm in 2003, focusing on horse feed. Today, it has expanded offerings to meet all the needs of animal-loving customers. From dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, and rodents to various types of bedding and fuel. Provilan Nordic has joint collaboration to enhance the focus on holistic healthy and natural feeding and care.

    Plant-based Probiotic ‘Good Bacteria' in Topical Probiotic Formulation Promotes Rapid Healing

    A Promising Approach for Wound Management

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