Probiotics effectively outcompete pathogens without creating resistance

Regular cleaning with probiotics tackles the global microbial resistance issue

Evaa home cleaning test

An independent cleaning efficiency test give high rating to our home cleaner

Evaa fresh smell test

Effectiveness of the Provilan products against bad smell

the healthy microorganisms in the Provilan products consumes the organic matters that are responsible for the bad smell
Corn field

Probiotics helps with allergy relief

Provilan EVAA+ Air Optimizer are able to reduce 43% of allergens after 1 hour, and the process can continue to up to 70% after several hours

    Natural Probiotic Home Cleaning

    You usually wonder: why does your home becomes so dirty so frequent? What kind of cleaner could make it not offensive for your little child, your pets and your elders? How do you suddenly get allergies?  We have the answers - the kinder way to clean your home with probiotic enriched natural detergents, which gives you better hygiene and continues to cleaning for several days! Unlike harsh chemicals, our healthier eco-detergents work in a safe and natural way. They significantly improve hygiene without damaging health or the environment. They are safe for your respiratory system and do not pollute your indoor air.

    Research and Development is Our Core Competence

    Provilan products are developed in collaboration with the universities, laboratories,  health authorities and scientific professionals. Our products are patented and scientifically proven, All products are effective and sustainably developed, with repeated control, tests and reviews.

    Probiotics for natural cleanning products

    Probiotic Group, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, and the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine collaborate to create the next generation of natural cleaning products

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    Difference between enzymatic and microbiological cleaning

    Enzymatic cleaning has been used generally in home cleaning to improve efficiency. Here we deep dive into the difference between the two types of cleaning, and the advantages of probiotic cleaning

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    Dermatological test for Evaa+ moisturing hand soap

    The dermatological controlled test shows that our handsoap is skin compatible and non-irritating after application on a group of audience

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