Dog and vet

Less Antibiotics for Wound Healing

a forward thinking vet used wound care spray to heal many infected dogs and cats

Veterinarians recommend our LUCAA+ pet ranges

A 4- weeks veterinarian test shows good results fo our pet shampoo
Probiotic ear care picture

Probiotic ear care heals after antibiotics worsen the symptoms

Probiotic use in cow stable

Natural effective livestock care

Probiotics heal 15 cm wound on a cow farm without use of antibiotics. Shortened the healing time from 14 to 8 days
Dental care study

Dental care spray lower the risk of inflammation and periodontal disease

Significantly reduced gum inflammation, yellow coating, and bad mouth odor in 3 weeks

    Natural Probiotic Pet Care & Hygiene

    If you are into your pets health and well being, then you have probably come across probiotic supplement for pets. Probiotics are live microorganisms ‘good’ bacteria – that provide health benefits when used in sufficient quantities. They exist everywhere – on kitchen floors and surfaces as well as human and pet skin. The truth is – a healthy diet alone is not enough to make it. There is a lot more aspects that you might not think of, but are directly related to your pet’s wellness. Our probiotic products reduce the pathogens and promote a healthy external microbiome instead of destroying it by chemicals. They can help your pets prevent infection and allergy, expedite healing process, reduce odor - all by using the nature's own power.

    Plant-based probiotic ‘good’ bacteria in LUCAA+ Pet Care products eliminated 100% of pathogenic E. coli bacteria and 99% of MRSA

    LUCAA+ redueces MRSA by 99%

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    LUCAA+ eliminates 100% of E. coli bacteria

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